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About us: Bottaro Law has decades of legal experience and a successful track record of representing the injured throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. To obtain the best results for you, we focus only on personal injury law.

Our guiding principle is simple: Do the right thing for you, our client.

After an injury, you’ll feel better having a law firm that seeks to understand what you have experienced. Members of our team have been through their own injuries, and our mission is to get to really get to know our clients as fellow human beings.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts Injury Lawyers Fighting for You

After an injury, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, because the large insurance companies have their bottom line—not yours—in mind.

Firm founder Mike Bottaro’s belief is that hard work and preparation is essential to successfully recovering maximum benefits for our clients.

Our No Fee Guarantee®, makes it easy to hire us. With no money owed upfront or hidden costs, we can quickly get started for you right away with ease on your part.

Due to our success and experience focusing on personal injury law, we have the knowledge and financial resources to build a strong injury claim on your behalf. This provides you the best possible chances of getting the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Always in Touch

We strive to be available for you as our client. You can call, text, or email us. Our team works very hard to stay in communication with you and help you understand the legal process after a car accident or other personal injury case. And if you have questions or concerns, our lawyers and legal team are always glad to meet with you for an in-person meeting.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Bottaro Law

  1. Our Record of Results
    Mike has attained the highest ratings possible from independent lawyer ratings services in the areas of legal knowledge, analytical capability, judgment, communication, and legal experience. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars in settlements, benefits, and awards for our clients.
  2. Our No Fee Guarantee®
    There’s no charge to you until you win your case—that means no hidden fees and no upfront costs.
  3. Convenient Free Consultations
    We make it easy for you to contact us for free in whatever way you prefer—online, via chat, or by telephone. Call or contact us online now to get started.
  4. We Return All Calls Same Day
    We are happy to help our clients through every step of the injury claims process. If we can’t get to your call immediately, you can rest assured you’ll hear back from us that same day.
  5. Efficient Case Management
    We use premier legal software to prepare our cases as fast as possible, so that we can begin the settlement process. More than 95% of our cases settle without our clients needing to set foot in court.
  6. Our Mission
    Every day our firm operates according to our mission statement: To skillfully represent the injured by winning maximum legal results with innovation, honesty, and exceptional service.
    We are a personal injury law firm devoted to ensuring that our clients are fairly treated by insurance companies, corporations, and the civil justice system. We help people by efficiently obtaining top benefits for them with a passionate attention to detail and a relentless will to win.
  7. Free Home and Hospital Visits
    If you are injured or unable to meet us at one of our locations, a member of our legal staff will come to you for free.
  8. Hablas Español et Falamas
    We are here to help everyone, regardless of their race, gender, or ethnicity. We have a Spanish speaking case manager on site and can help with other languages as well.
  9. Focused on Personal Injury Law
    We do not accept work from insurance companies, nor do we practice in other areas of the law. This means that we keep up with changes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law to help you get the best results possible.
  10. Faith Based Law Firm
    We are committed to helping our community with volunteer service and financial giving.  Please view some of our initiatives, partners, videos, and photos over the years we have been blessed to serve!

Get Our No Fee Guarantee®

No Fee Gurantee

After an injury, you shouldn’t have to worry about if you can afford an experienced lawyer. That’s why Bottaro Law offers the No Fee Guarantee®—a promise that you won’t owe us anything unless you get money for your case. There are no upfront costs and no hidden fees. It’s that simple. So don’t wait—contact Bottaro Law today to get started with your claim now.

We’re Available 24/7!

Case Results

  • $1,500,000.00

    $1,500,000.00 Pre-Trial Settlement: Our client was a passenger in a ride share vehicle that slammed into a truck, causing life altering cervical fractures amongst other injuries. This case involved numerous experts and overcoming a challenging seat belt defense.

  • $1,200,000.00

    $1,200,000.00 Settlement: In this product liability case, our young client lost her eye due to a defective air bag. We acted fast to preserve the evidence and retain top experts who tested the vehicle. The result was settlement with national counsel for a major auto manufacturer.

  • $1,000,000.00

    $1,000,000.00 Pre-Trial Settlement: Our client was struck as a pedestrian by a commercial vehicle on a job site resulting in multiple fractures and emergency surgeries. We helped establish life altering pelvic fractures with a loss in earning capacity.

  • $660,000.00

    $660,000.00 Pre-Trial Motorcycle Crash Settlement: When the insurance company denied the claim outright ($0), Mike litigated this case through discovery, engaging renowned experts in the fields of accident reconstruction and physical medicine.

  • $600,000.00

    $600,000.00 Commercial Truck Crash Settlement: When a truck driver dropped steel beams form his load onto Rte. 10, the resulting crash caused our client to suffer multi-level disc injury resulting in emergency cervical surgery.

  • $650,000.00

    $650,000.00 Pre-Trial RI Slip and Fall Settlement: Regional market failed to correct a leaky roof and entranceway, causing our client to sustain a devestating knee injury. Mike litigated this case through discovery over the course of severla years.

  • $500,000.00

    $500,000.00 Rhode Island Nursing Home Abuse Pre-Trial Settlement: Insurer offers $0 pre-litigation. Mike litigates the case working with several experts to prove deviation in standard of care resulting in client who suffered amputations from complications after a nursing home injury.

  • $500,000.00

    $500,000.00 Massachusetts Wrongful Death Car Accident Policy Limit Settlement: The insurer originally denied the claim and had serious questions about whether the collision ultimately caused the death months later of an elderly gentleman.

  • $500,000.00

    $500,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement: In this homeowner policy limit insurance case, a handyman’s negligence cost our client his loss of eye. Our legal research on agency law carried the day.

  • $325,000.00

    $325,000.00 Settlement Following Arbitration: Our North Kingstown, RI client was injured in a bike accident, fracturing his patella and requiring emergency surgery. We worked with experts, including a life care planner to ensure our client received fair compensation.

  • $1,200,000.00

    Auto products liability case involving airbag deployment resulting in loss of vision in one eye and facial fractures.

  • $660,000.00

    A 61-year-old man underwent emergency surgery and a knee replacement procedure due to injuries sustained in a serious motorcycle accident.

  • $650,000.00

    A pre-trial settlement was reached for our client who suffered a knee injury requiring multiple surgeries.

  • $600,000.00

    Our client suffered multi-level disc injury when steel I-beams fell from a commercial truck on Route 10 resulting in multiple cervical surgeries.

  • $500,000.00

    Personal Injury Attorney Mike Bottaro helps client who suffered amputations from complications after a nursing home injury.

  • $500,000.00

    This case involved an elderly couple and their granddaughter who were injured after a car turned left in front of their vehicle. The injuries for the woman involved a fractured neck, broken ribs, and an eventual stroke. The man suffered from various injuries from which he never recovered, resulting in his untimely death.

  • $325,000.00

    This case involved deviations in the standard of care involving pressure ulcers resulting in death.

  • $325,000.00

    Our North Kingstown, RI, client was injured in a bike accident, fracturing his patella and requiring emergency surgery. We worked with experts, including a life care planner to ensure our client received fair compensation.

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